Architect led design build service

We developed an Architect led design build service for Clients looking for the highest quality build project and peace of mind.  The Architect design as well as, in conjunction with their own building team, carries out the construction works. This approach maximises the process, increasing its efficiency and speed.

This combination of services offers clear advantages, as in this scenario we take the role of designer, project manager, and main contractor.  This approach gives the benefit of having a single point of contact regarding all aspects of the design and construction process.

Architect led design-build service

Builders and developers often offer design and build services.  However, in a profit driven environment, there may be less focus on the quality.  Whereas in Architect led design-build service, quality and design standards are of paramount importance.

This service can be offered during Stage 2 and 3 –  see here for details. 

Architect led design build service


The main advantages of the design and built approach are:

  • Single point of responsibility and more direct communication and fewer involved parties
  • During earlier stages more accurate budgeting and cost control
  • Time saving as both the design can progress during construction as well as there is less delays with starting construction as you will know our quote for construction during the Stage 2 tender phase already.
  • Reduced chance of claims or litigation due to the team-based collaboration with a non- confrontational relationship between architects and contractors
  • We don’t loose the design intent through this process. We do this by preserving continuity throughout the design and construction stages
  • High level of quality control with the architect in charge of the construction while representing the owner’s interests
  • Complete integration of design, construction and technical infrastructure

We use and recommend FIDIC building contracts outside and JCT building contracts in the UK for all our projects.


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