Your project in VR - virtual reality

3D modelling in the design process –

see your project come to life.

Thanks to virtual reality, on both a mobile device and a virtual reality headset, you can walk through the unbuild 3D model of your house. In order to do this we can meet or we can meet in VR thanks to the software we are using. However you can also view your model in Google Chrome, which is very exciting and very easy to use. It is especially helpful if you are living abroad and would like to be very involved in the design.

We can offer two types of VR experience. On the left side in the picture below you can see a less detailed 3D model. This is great for a quicker walkthrough to discuss changes.

On the right hand side is a higher resolution model. This is best to agree on the finishes and for a final sign-off.



A detailed 3D model can help both a Client and contractor to achieve the exact design. The process is particularly important when designing bespoke joinery or room decorations (architraves, cornices etc). Moreover, it really helps everybody on the design team to visualise the outcome and preempt coordination issues.

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of any surface or object. We do this by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space. 3D modeling can be achieved manually with specialized 3D production software. This lets our in house team create and deform polygonal surfaces. However you can also achieve this by scanning real-world objects into a set of data points. This model is then used to represent the object digitally.

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