Colour interior analysis

Colour interior analysis is a very personal way of discovering your colours. We can then apply these to your private surroundings.  Colours influence your well-being and create that I’m home feeling.

Colour interior analysis is a very helpful tool in the design process

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We can help you with matching the colours and textures of materials in your house not only to the style and character of the building, but also to you.

The theory behind colour analysis is influenced by the work of the great masters and their individual pallets. Think summer colours from Monet and autumn ones from Constable.  Their work has been distilled into a system which groups colours into warm and cold. These are further broken down into four quarters of a colour wheel. The names of these quarters are the seasons of the year. The warm colours are Autumn and Spring, the cool colours Winter and Summer. This applies to neutrals just as much as it does to colours.



Colour analysis form also a part of our Feng Shui services, which aim to create balanced and individual spaces. You can also have a look at our Pinterest board on this subject.

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