VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILD Architecture’s design process stages explained, in detail.

s1Stage 0

VORBILDs design process stages - vorbild_0

VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILDs design process stages : Initial assessment, Client Brief and project requirements
(RIBA Plan of Works 2013 stages 0&1)

This stage starts from our first meeting, where we will discuss the project brief in detail. We then talk about your home and what you think works and what doesn’t and propose changes to you. We will also check with the local planning office whether such proposals are viable. This includes a Zoom or Whatsapp call where we can get to know each other regardless where you are in the world. You will receive a draft budget and a visual summary of the design brief as well as a detailed plan on how to proceed.

We then provide advice on budget, programme, delivery time and other costs, to help form the Client’s budget. If you are a developer, our sketch design service can be of interest.

We also organise and manage a team of consultants and agree their fees on your behalf – a true “one stop shop” approach. In Africa we found it is especially important to work with trusted partners but also plan for any import duties which will apply when you need to procure products and services from other countries.

Most importantly though – tell us the true goal you are trying to achieve with your project, then we can plan to achieve it together.

We are happy to be paid in the local currency as well as in USD.




s2Stage 1

VORBILDs design process stages vorbild_1

VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILDs design process stages : Layout design and planning consent
(RIBA Plan of Works 2013 stages 2&3)

This stage starts with the measured survey, next we will prepare layout and 3D view options and present them to you in accordance with the agreed Client Brief. These will be updated as the design progresses.

We strongly believe that it is in everyone’s interest to explore as many options as possible at the outset. Sometimes even the “crazy” ones, as it makes sure every feasible layout is discussed and evaluated and one option selected.

Once you sign off on one of the options, we will partner with local architects and help you get the planning and building permit. We will manage this process for you, which ensures both anonymity and peace of mind.

After we submit the planning application(s) for you, we will liaise with every party which is involved so you can have peace of mind and stay in control.




s3Stage 2

VORBILDs design process stages vorbild_2

VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILDs design process stages : Detailed design and tender set
(RIBA Plan of Works 2013 stage 4)

In this Stage we will work up the previously agreed drawings in more detail, including a full architectural design package with building specification and scope of works. At the end of this stage, we will give you a package which will form the basis for a competitive tender process. You can also decide to use our architect led design and build service, which becomes especially interesting if this project is based in Africa.

We will use these drawings for building control, structural design and party wall consent, and landscaping design. The tender drawings are more detailed and we include a scope of works with specifications, these drawings do not contain all necessary information and details for construction.

We also now offer to show you your property in virtual reality, thanks to the Oculus Go – you’ll get a discount if you click on this link.





s4Stage 3

VORBILDs design process stages vorbild_3

VORBILDs design process stages

Interior design and sourcing of Client supply items

If you like the complete service, let us collate a list of Client Supply items. This list shows all items which you need to provide to the builder to install.

We will show you options and quotes and procure them through our trade accounts, so you can benefit from various discounts.

This stage also includes all necessary meetings with suppliers and their representatives during construction. We also hold design meetings with the kitchen supplier and joinery companies, wherever these may be in the world. You are most welcome to join.

Most importantly, we are ensuring at this stage that all finishes we agree will arrive on site on time. You can keep focusing on your life thanks to our convenient procurement service package.

This stage also includes – upon request – all our specialist knowledge, whether it is Feng shui, landscaping design, colour analysis, bespoke furniture design and others – just ask us, we are happy to help!



s5Stage 4

VORBILDs design process stages vorbild_4

VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILDs design process stages : Selecting contractor, site supervision and contract management (RIBA Plan of Works 2013 Stages 5&6)

This is the final and the most critical stage of a project – construction. We will introduce you to trusted builders that we have worked with in the past. These contractors have been vetted and we are also happy to check new contractors for you.

We will also recommend, discuss and manage a suitable building contract with you. Most importantly, at this stage we ensure that your project is delivered in accordance with the drawings we worked together to create.

Our regular site visits will also give you the peace of mind and a high standard. We are also checking that everything is build in accordance with current building regulations.



s6Stage 5

VORBILDs design process stages vorbild_5

VORBILDs design process stages

VORBILDs design process stages : Aftercare and Photography
(RIBA Plan of Works 2013 Stage 7)

Once you have moved in, we provide an aftercare service for you. This includes organising a deep clean, dressing and – last not least – photographs of your new home.

You decide which pictures we publish – your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.


How can we help

Please note that when we send you a fee proposal, these stages may vary. Contact us to talk about your needs and goals.   We will be happy to advise on time scales, costs and details – info@vorbild.africa or use our online form to contact us.

We wrote multiple times about architectural topics which you can read about here, but also specifically on what architects can do for you.