Feng shui consultation

Here at VORBILD Architecture we strongly believe in creating individual, balanced spaces, which improve lives of their inhabitants.  Undoubtedly, our surroundings have influence on us and often reflect processes that are taking place in our lives.  Our personal Feng Shui consultation can help with identifying areas. These need addressing and provide bespoke architectural and interior design solutions.

Feng shui

We offer a complete and in depth Feng Shui consultation and interior design based on this ancient art.  Feng shui guidelines are very helpful at the earliest design stage, while the draft layouts are being considered.  Since our team is working on a project’s design from start to finish, we can ensure that the agreed key elements are not accidentally lost in the process. This means our clients can fully benefit. Our design philosophy is always to design from the inside out.

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Here at VORBILD Architecture, we like to use Feng Shui‘s principles regularly, even if our clients are not specifically asking for it. This is a science and art of buildings, land, and their effects on health. However it also relates to wealth, relationships, career, business and an overall harmony in your life. Many books have referred to it as the art of placement. Some believe that you only need some pieces of furniture with round edges and to clear clutter. As a result of this money will come rolling in and romance blooms.  There is some truth in this but this only plays a very small part.

The goal is to balance whole life, as opposed to concentrating on just one aspect. During the consultation we focus on areas that you or we consider need enhancing.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a single person living in a one bedroom flat or a family living in a large house. Everyone needs a perfect balance and with a good Feng Shui consultation, you can achieve this.

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Contact us, if you would like to improve your wellbeing and in the process change your property.  We will be happy to advise on time scales, costs and details – email us at info@vorbild.africa or use our online form to contact us.