Why buy a property in Geneva?

Once you visit this town, you definitely thought about buying a property in Geneva. Known as the seat of international power, Geneva is home to over 20 international and a perfect destination to make your second home. There are so many international organizations such as International Red Cross and the United Nations headquartered in Geneva. 

Geneva is the largest communities of expatriates. Buying a property at Geneva is a solid investment due to the number of banks, humanitarian organizations, and international universities 

5 Reasons To Buy A Property In Geneva

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We consider the city of Geneva as an expat workforce due to the number of international banks and global humanitarian organisations in the city.  Geneva’s left-bank old town also offers excellent shopping and historic buildings, the Pâquis neighbourhood is known for its urban flourishing nightlife, you will also find the UN and the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva.

Friendly community: Geneva isn’t only for professionals; it is an excellent and friendly place to raise a family. There are beautiful apartments available with the lakeside beach and international schools for families to enjoy an exceptional quality lifestyle. 

Safe Environment

At present, we know Switzerland as the safest country in Europe with so many rambling gardens, white-painted houses, pools, and jetties. For example, there are so many international schools, and world standard hospitals for expatriates in Geneva. 


Photo by Dino Reichmuth

Lake Geneva

The city of Geneva seats by a large Lake Geneva which is one of the largest lakes with freshwaters in Europe. The water is crystal clear and will leave you with a beautiful memory. You can also make a stop at some beautiful parks which are scattered around the city of such as Jardin de Botanique. 


Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz

The Monuments

There are so many monuments in Geneva such as Jet d’Eau. This is a large water-jet that sits at the harbour in Lake Geneva. Then we have the Reformation Wall that plays tribute to Swiss reformation in the Middles Ages. Embedded in the walls are four luminaries of reformations like John Knox, Theodore Bexa, John Calvin and William Farel.

The Museums

Geneva is also home to Swiss International Museum of Reformation. The museum is located at Cour Saint-Pierre. It was established to educate visitors on the highs and lows of the Reformation Movement.  You can also take a look at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum where you will find photos and exhibits that pay homage to the work of Red Cross founder Henry Dunant.

The Communities

Geneva also boasts of its unique culture and history. You can find everything you need in this beautiful city. This includes places such as unique shopping malls, restaurants, historical sites, cobblestone streets, and masonry facades. You can also find the St. Pierre Cathedral here, which is an architectural wonder built over 850 years ago. It is also home to some world-renowned galleries and modern art.


Photo by Jack Ward

Finally, Geneva is a great city to own property. It has the largest community of expatriate with so many international organisations headquartered in Geneva. 

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