5 Reasons why you need to make Ibiza your second home

Ibiza is one of the most famous and scenic islands in Balearic. Although, very small in size, this fantastic Island is packed full with lots of attractions. You also have wild nightlife, and so many exciting things to do.

The fabulous white sand beaches studded with cafes and bars, authentic Spanish dishes, investment opportunities are what makes Ibiza an Island that is well worth living in.

Buying a property in Ibiza is a good investment decision that will eventually pay off in future. Not only are property prices rising, but the growing demand from tourist makes properties available for rental very attractive.

At present, you can make a huge profit from Ibiza rental market with long-term rental prices that are up to 20 percent higher in winter. For instance, a three-bedroom country villa is rented for over $2,200 per month. While a three bedroom fully furnished apartment goes for $2,800 per month.

From investment purposes to having a second home, here are some reasons to buy a property in Ibiza;

Rental potential

Owning a home in Ibiza can also be a great investment opportunity for you to earn more. Rental platforms like Airbnb can help make your home available for rent since more tourists prefers private accommodations than staying in hotels.  In addition, the potentials to make money from your property aren’t restricted to the summer period because Ibiza is fast becoming a hot holiday sport with visitors at all times of the year.

Great investment opportunities

Owning a property in Ibiza is also an opportunity to invest and make more money. At present Ibiza is becoming more gentrified, and people are making a high return on their investments. With a new super-yacht marine, a high demand for private jets landing on the island and so many five star hotels opening up, the price of properties is likely going up soon.  


Photo by Samuel C.

Safe spot for European investors

With the Brexit law looming, Spain has become a safe spot for European property investment. The country is much more likely to offer benefits to British buyers than any other country in Europe. This is because there is already a strong UK community which makes it easy for newcomers to get used to the social scene and for local estate agencies who already have experience working with British buyers 


Photo by Mark Leeds

The authentic Spanish food

For people who love Spanish food, Ibiza is a popular destination with so many international and luxury restaurants.  It is home to Spanish dishes with the Mediterranean influence which can be tasted through a wide range of fishes such as Emperador (swordfish) bacalao (cod), merluza (hake), and lenguado (sole) served with some salads or potatoes.

Sandy beaches

Ibiza is also known for its beautiful beaches filled with sounds of DJ beats. There are so many beaches that are perfect for family fun outing and relaxation with friends. Check out this story about Ibiza’s secrets as well.


Photo by Michael Haslim

Lots of social activities

There are lots of social events on this amazing Island. Ibiza is a perfect home for people who enjoy golf, cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and climbing. 

Culture and lifestyle

If you are thinking of moving to an Island with lots of activities, then this beautiful Mediterranean Island should be your first option. This Spanish Island is breathtaking with beautiful sandy beaches and pine trees; you can expect more than 300 days of sunshine yearly. 

Finally, buying a property in Ibiza is a unique opportunity to make an investment. However, when obtaining property at Ibiza for investment purposes, you must be 100 percent sure that you can obtain the ETV Tourist Rental License. It is also essential to seek advice from a reputable real estate agency that will help you secure the property in a good location.

If you want to buy a property in Ibiza and live there as a second home, then your best option is to contact us at VORBILD Architecture.  At VORBILD, we provide architectural, interior design, landscaping design, management, and property search services; we are also experienced in all aspects of refurbishment and building process.


Photo by Samuel C.

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