Mallorca and Minorca

7 Reasons to buy a property in Mallorca and Minorca

Known for its stunning beaches, mild climate, cosmopolitan lifestyle and beautiful villages, Mallorca is a perfect holiday destination for everyone.

 In January 2018, Mallorca was voted the best place to live in the world; this doesn’t come as news to residents of the Island and those who have visited and enjoyed the exceptional lifestyle this island has to offer. 

In terms of safety, lifestyle, and convenience, Mallorca is second to none. And that is why each year about 6 million people of different classes choose Mallorca as a perfect holiday destination. 

At present, tourists have realized the potentials of capital appreciation and the possibility of recovering their money by buying and renting out their apartments. 


Photo by Farid Askerov

Why buy a property in Mallorca

Some the reasons why you should consider buying an apartment, villa or country home in Mallorca include:  

The cosmopolitan lifestyle

Mallorca is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle. At present, there are so many initiatives aimed at bringing in tourist into the land which is paying off. The Island has some natural construction limitations and strict building policies that have been put in place; the coastline is also protected from overdevelopment. This sanctions put in place are aimed at protecting the natural beauty of the Island and secure the values of properties in Mallorca.


Photo by Daniel Frank

Ease of purchase

In addition, buying a property in Mallorca is quite easy.  They are so many professional legal advisors and established real estate agents with great portfolios who oversee the buying and selling process to ensure it is stress-free. 

Multi-Lingual Island

One beautiful thing about Mallorca is that it is a multi-lingual Island; Property owners do not have to go through the stress of learning Spanish overnight, because most real estate firms have multi-lingual staffs that understand various languages.  Apart from the foreign residents on the island, the locals working in various sectors also speak one or two languages which are mainly English and German. 

Mild Climate

Mallorca has a beautiful climate that attracts sun worshippers and people who love outdoor activity like hiking, cycling, golfing among others. There are 300 days of sunshine with mild winter making the Island perfect for people who want to chill at the beach or soak-up in the sun. 


Photo by Stefan Kunze

Excellent services and easy travel access

Mallorca has an international airport that provides multiple connections to the Spanish mainland and European Capital. In addition, social amenities like hospital and schools are made to match the international standard. Parents also have a choice of enrolling their kids at international private schools or local public schools. 

Center for activities

There is never a dull moment at Mallorca, whether you an active or a calm person, there is something for everyone. The luxury spa, 23 golf courses, 20 marinas for yachts owners, boutiques, fashion stores, and international restaurants. The Island is indeed packed with lots of fun activities. It is also a paradise for hikers, diving snorkeling, cyclist, and kite surfing. You can also choose to chill out or relax at the terrace of your home after a hectic day to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.


Photo by Anders Nord

Finally, Mallorca is indeed a perfect destination to spend half of your life with your kids and family members. It is also a perfect destination for people who want to escape from stress and relax for a while. 

However, as a holiday destination, there is usually a high demand for hotels, flights, rental properties, villas, and others. One way of overcoming the stress involved in renting an apartment is by buying one for yourself, buying an apartment in Mallorca also gives you an opportunity to spread your investment and create a perfect retirement home. 

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