Why buy a property in Paris

France is situated in the heart of Europe and cradled by the Atlantic Ocean.  Paris itself is a beautiful and enchanting city with many facets. It boasts of a plethora of monuments and is the location of the head offices of many international companies. The city attracts tens of millions of visitors each year, making it a good place to own a property. Here are 5 reasons why it’s hard to go wrong buying a property in Paris.

5 Reasons to buy a property in Paris

Booming tourism and rental market

According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization, Paris is the third most visited city in the world. It attracts 17 million international visitors in 2018. For instance, this puts it only behind Bangkok and London. A strong tourism industry is positive news for investors as it means they can capitalise on increased rental demand for property. By buying a property in one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it shouldn’t take long for investors to get returns on their investment through rental income. 


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Perfect location

Buying a property in Paris can be beneficial for people who want to spend sometime in the French capital and explore many other destinations. You can discover cities like Versailles, Sceaux, Chatres or Provins or you can embark on a journey to neighbouring countries and arrive at your destination within a short time. For example, you can travel to London by train in 2 hours. You will need 4 hours to arrive in Frankfurt in Germany. To Barcelona in Spain you only need 6 hours by train.


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Headquarters and international companies

Apart from being the love capital of the world, Paris offers an ideal environment for businesses to thrive. The city has more than 10 percent of all head offices of businesses throughout France. In addition, it also boasts of being the location of the headquarters of several international companies. With an ever-bubbling business environment, buying a property in the French capital is a perfect decision. Above all, its perfect for people looking for a change in professional scenery. Or perhaps you are looking to do business in France?

Affordable prices of home

You might be looking to buy a modest home or expensive property. Paris can accommodate all tastes and budgets. The price of homes in Paris are comparatively lower than in other countries like the UK. In addition,  the interest rates on mortgage are hovering at historic lows, meaning you can buy a property in the French capital at a cheaper price than other top destinations. With the steady annual rise in the price of homes in Paris, it’s only a matter of time before investors start counting their gains. 


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Home to all kinds of events

Paris is ever buzzing with all kinds of events ranging from sporting events, festivals and exhibitions. For example, the city is widely known for hosting Fashion Week, Le Tour de France (a bicycling sport event), and its famous annual marathon, Marathon de Paris. In addition, many movie premieres take place in Parisian cinemas. The performance halls are a constant delight to everyone. For example, there’s always something happening in Paris. In other words, buying a property in Paris is a perfect idea for people who love the idea of spontaneous break in a city that’s alive. 


Photo by Johan Mouchet

In all, Paris is an amazing city with lots of attractions for tourists. In addition, it provides opportunities for international visitors looking to do business in France. 

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