Property in Tenerife – Why you should get a second home in Tenerife

Seven islands make up Canary Island, and Tenerife is the largest of these islands. Tenerife is also a major tourist destination especially for tourists from Germany and the UK. The towns and cities that receive the most tourist attention in Tenerife include Las Americas. Although tourists tend to explore the south of the island the most, the entirety of Tenerife offers a unique tourist and residential appeal. The major language spoken in Tenerife is Spanish, although there are a lot of English, German and Italian speakers on the island too. Tenerife offers tourists a range of holiday activities, and that’s why it has remained a tourist hotspot for decades. 

Tenerife also has a unique residential appeal, and we will be highlighting some reasons why living in Tenerife is a great idea.

Reasons why you should consider living in Tenerife

The people

The locals of Tenerife make it a great choice for persons that seek a destination that is homely and warm. Persons that do not speak Spanish at all wouldn’t also need to make a lot of adjustments to fit in. English speakers are especially numerous in the south. The hospitality and homeliness of the locals of Tenerife will make anyone feel right at home. Tourists testify of the hospitality of the locals. Tenerife locals also cultivate a very simple way of life which makes it a more suitable destination for persons seeking a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. The locals of Tenerife are so dedicated to living a simple and peaceful lifestyle that their tendencies are very contagious.

The landscape

Tenerife also has a mix of landscapes that is perfect for residents who seek adventure and love outdoor activities. In the south, for example, there are several beaches and resorts. In the north, one will find uninhabited caves, wild ravines, high cliffs and volcanic craters.


Photo by Štefan Štefančík

The climate

The climate of Tenerife is another reason why you should consider moving to the island more seriously. If you were not impressed by the people as well as the landscape of the island, you would be impressed by the climate as it never gets too hot or too cold in Tenerife. Tenerife’s subtropical climate is similar to that of Florida. The average temperature of the island is about 22 degrees. However, it is typically hotter in the south of the island than the north. In the south, the average temperature is about 25 degrees while the average temperature in the north is about 20 degree.  Generally, it doesn’t get as hot that one needs a dedicated cooling system and as cold that one needs a dedicated heating system except according to preference.


Photo by Michal Mrozek

The cost of living

Tenerife has a low cost of living, especially when compared to the rest of Europe and even Canada. The low cost of living in Tenerife is attributed to the lower sales tax as well as, the lower cost of real estate. Food, both home-cooked meals and meals at dining outlets, cost reasonably cheaper in Tenerife. The cost of home essentials such as gas is also cheaper than other comparable destinations. The island, especially the non-tourist areas, is thus great for persons looking to make more savings from their living expenses and own a property in Tenerife.

The culture in Tenerife

Tenerife makes an open display of its culture and history. Life started on the island when the Gaunchees from Africa inhabited the island. The history of Tenerife also features Christopher Columbus as well as the Spaniards that took the island from the natives. The architectural designs on the island also reflect its history and culture. Notable architectural structures in Tenerife include Auditorio de Tenerife which houses the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. Churches, mansion and other notable architectural structures also adorn the island.


Photo by Oliver McQuitty

Finally, Tenerife is that location you should choose if you’re looking to move to a destination with a simple and peaceful lifestyle, an array of beaches, a variety of fun and adventurous activities as well as a lot cost of living. There are the friendly locals to make you feel at home as soon as you move in too. Tenerife also offers a great climate, a complete win-win situation.

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