Top 8 reasons to buy a second home in Sardinia

Known as a blue zone (due to the high concentration of centenarians) and a centre of tourist attraction due to its crystal clear sea, white sand beaches and delicious foods, Sardinia has also become a popular destination for all types of property investment due to the peace and tranquility this amazing Island has to offer. Imagine if you buy your second home in Sardinia.

The wild climate, authentic foods, natural beauty of the landscape, low cost of living, quality of life and love for Italian culture among others is what makes most tourist who visits this Island for vacations decide to make it their second home. 

One beautiful thing about living in Sardinia is the ease of movement; there are three international airports located at three different zones across the Island which has direct flight connection to countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Scandinavia and other European nations. There are also ferries used for movement within the Island. 

At present, there is a rapid growth in Sardinia real estate market, with cities like Cagliari recording a high level of property transactions. 

One of the most prestigious areas in Sardinia to buy a property is Costa Smeralda which is known for its luxury villas, resorts and waterfront properties that cost as high as tens of millions in Euros. The Island isn’t only for the rich; there are also opportunities for individuals who are on a budget and also interested in investing in Sardinian real estate market.

Why buy a home in Sardinia

Land of Centenarian

People tend to live longer in Sardinia; this is evident in the number of centenarians among its population. It can also be attributed to the wildlife, Mediterranean diets, beautiful wines and the active lifestyle on the Island.

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Sardinia is also very low when compared to large cities like Berlin, or Paris. Prices of houses only get to rise at summer season when a villa can cost thousands of Euros to rent per week.

World standard health care facilities

Sardinia is known as the land of the centenarians due to the world-class health care facilities and medical professional who are good in the treatment of diabetes, anaemia, and other hereditary diseases. It is also home to hospitals like Mater Olbia which conducts clinical research in partnership with Babin Gesu and sovereign investment fund Qatar.


Photo by Sophie

Ease of travel

As stated earlier, there are international airports located at three different zones across the Island. They all have direct flight connection to countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Scandinavia and other European nations. There are also ferries used for movement within the Island. 

Calm and peaceful atmosphere

Sardinia is a peaceful and calm Island with just about one million and six hundred people living on the Island.  People who enjoy an active lifestyle can move towards the coast and cities like Olbia, or Cagliari. 


Photo by Marco Assmann

Lots of social activities

There are lots of social activities on this amazing Island. Sardinia is a perfect home for people who enjoy golf, cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and climbing. 


Photo by Roman Kraft


Sardinia is also known for its fantastic culture, with so many medieval villages, archaeological sites, Phoenician and Roman cities, hundreds of coastal towers, and lots of museums. You will also have a good taste of the prestigious Carignano, Vermentino, Malvasia and many other wines and grapes fruits grown in this enchanted island.


Apart from the beauty and variety of its landscape, you have gorgeous beaches. The beaches in Sardinia can also make you choose Sardinia as a second home. With lots of entertainment during the summer and charm silence at winter, Sardinia is a perfect destination for people who love tanning, surfing, snorkeling, diving, long walks, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and fishing. 


Photo by Massimo Virgilio

Finally, buying a home in Sardinia is an opportunity to invest and make extra income by renting out your rooms during summer months when there is a high influx of tourist on the Island. In addition, no one is presently allowed to build a home 300 from the coastline, which implies that there won’t be much building in the coast and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the peace, calmness and tranquillity that this enchanted Island has to offer.

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