Projects abroad

There can be several reasons for wanting to buy a property abroad.  This can be a permanent move, a holiday home, an investment or living or working between a few countries.  The thought of having a place of one own in a new location is surely thrilling.  However, the task may be as daunting as it is exciting.  This applies whether it is a large villa or a city pied-a-terre. We can help design your projects abroad in a variety of countries.

However, there are different regulations to get familiar with. Moreover you need to make searches and find professionals.  In most of the cases, you will want (or need) to undertake some building works, either as the condition of the property will demand this or to suit your needs.  It is crucial to surround yourself with a profesional team, which will make the projects abroad vision happen.

After years of experience, we can offer you the same architectural, interior design and project management service as we do in London, as well as a property search, in several other locations.  Our experience in working on international projects abroad, as well as a wide network of connected experts will help you to create a new home abroad.

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projects abroad geneva-vorbild-architecture-jack-ward-612359-unsplash-feature-300projects abroad puglia-vorbild-architecture-diana-cabezas-449029-unsplash-feature-300projects abroad corsica-vorbild-architecture-tom-grimbert-778621-unsplash-feature-300projects abroad gran-canaria-vorbild-architecture-daria-nepriakhina-496268-unsplash-feature-300

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